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"When Caring Counts"

The passing of a loved one is never an easy time in anyone’s life. While there are never any easy answers to the questions that follow the loss of your family member; there is a team here in Tallahassee that can guide you through this most difficult time, and assist you in making the difficult decisions. Because you and your family should focus on what really matters: celebrating the life of someone who will be missed.

When faced with the death of a loved one, you need compassionate, personalized service from qualified professionals. At Abbey Funeral Home, we understand that each family is unique and often has traditions, rituals, and personal requests that we are more than willing to accommodate. We know that the truly greatest gift we can give a family at their time of bereavement is to let them know we care. We fully believe that willingness to accommodate the wishes of your family will allow your loved one to be honored with the memorial they deserve, and that a life well lived is worth remembering.

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